What We Do

Missing Peace (MP) offers counseling and mental health services to individuals, couples, and families in Evansville, as well as virtually throughout the state of Indiana. We strive to provide services which promote individual growth and psychological health. We understand that each client we work with is a unique person who is influenced by a variety of factors from their individual background, culture, beliefs, values, and personal identity. We seek to honor and respect the distinctive perspective of every person we see.

Each therapist at MP has their own unique approach to therapy; however, we share a common goal of providing quality, effective, and empathic treatment of the complete person. Our goal is to help alleviate psychological suffering, to nurture and discover ways of engaging in happy and healthy behaviors, and to increase a stronger sense of meaning and purpose.

Our goal is to guide individuals, couples, and families toward better functioning in all areas of their lives. Psychological treatment at MP is grounded in researched-based theories and interventions that are delivered in an ethical manner, providing the tools and environment to enact lasting change. We’re here to listen, to guide, and to offer a safe space to reflect on your own story. We can help make it all fit together; to allow you to rediscover yourself, and your missing peace.

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